Top 5 Trends in Dental Technology

With everything else going online and efficient, the dental industry is not going to be left out. Dentistry plays a huge role in people’s health and so it is a must that it evolves along with the healthcare industry. Today, the goal of dentistry includes making dental services available to a lot of people. Thanks to technology, this is slowly becoming a successful goal. Another focus of dentistry is to make procedures more reliable. This means that procedures and analysis of the mouth should be more accurate.

The main driver for dental improvements is technology. You know that this powerful force has changed a lot of behaviors and solutions to problems. The same applies to the dental field. In this site link, you will read more on the 5 major trends that are shaking the dental industry

5 Trends in Dental Technology

1.         Accessibility through Blockchain

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of blockchain by now. Blockchain refers to a digital ledger where all transactions used from cryptocurrency are recorded. This is a ledger that can be accessed by the public. But this isn’t where dental technology comes in.

The dental industry is starting to open its doors to cryptocurrency thanks to Dentacoin. Dentacoin is a startup company that uses blockchain technology to create currency to be used in dental services. This means that the coins digitally generated can be paid to get dental services. With the existence of a dental blockchain, more companies will slowly accept cryptocurrency as payment for dental services. In this way, healthy teeth and gums will be more widely available to a larger group of people.

2.         Awareness through Social Media

Everyone knows that social media reaches at least half of the world. And it is also a known fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of the importance of good dental hygiene. This is why the dental industry is slowly being visible in social media.

Even if you aren’t targeted by advertisements, the appearance of dental ads will be more apparent as you browse. This is because dental companies are starting to advertise online with the intention of getting more customers. With more advertisements, people will start to remember that dental care is a must. At the same time, social media can be used to educate the people on oral care.

3.         Fast Service through 3D Printing

Today, 3D printing is not yet available to the dental industry, but this is what you can expect. In a few years’ time, 3D printing will lessen the time you will wait to get tooth replacements, veneers, crowns, and inlays. A 3D printer will be able to create the material you need to get better teeth and gums minus the waiting time. Once this trend becomes available to clinics, you no longer have to wait a few weeks to get a new set of teeth.

4.         Accuracy through Digital X-Rays

There’s also digital x-rays. Part of the goal of dentistry today is to make things more accurate. With the help of technology, dentists are able to get more accurate information regarding the state of your teeth and gums.

Digital x-rays work by using a sensor to get detailed images of your mouth. You will be able to see where the cracks are and how the damage has spread all over your teeth. Additional benefits include a better comparison of past x-ray images and a better understanding of the progression of the damage if not treated. As a patient, you will also have a better dentist experience because you no longer have to bite on a thin film just to get an image of your teeth.

5.         Convenience through Laser Technology

Lastly, there’s laser technology. Laser technology was easily picked up by the medical industry, but only in the recent years did the dental industry receive it. Laser technology uses a beam of laser to improve or to reduce the damage found in teeth. This provides a less invasive way for improvement unlike before. Laser technology is also less painful. Patients will no longer have to experience pain during treatments.

These trends in dental technology go together to improve dental experiences. As technology improves the lives of billions of people, there is no excuse that it shouldn’t do the same to help people with dental concerns.

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